Wolfenstein 3D Editors

Windows based editors:


WDC   (Wolf3D Data Compiler)

WDC screenshot

What is WDC?

WDC stands for Wolf3D Data Compiler and is a full-featured editor for Wolfenstein 3-D and Spear of Destiny. WDC also works with Blake Stone 1 and 2, Operation BodyCount, Corridor 7, Catacomb 3D, the Catacomb trilogy, and Commander Keen 4-6. However, some of these additional games have only partial functionality.

WDC homepage:


ChaosEdit screenshot

ChaosEdit homepage:   chaos-software

Floedit V2.0.0.5

FloEdit screenshot

FloEdit gives you the following functionality:

- Edit, ADD and REMOVE maps from the game - Edit and ADD images (like title screen, BJ-Face on the statusbar, statusbar font, ...) - Edit and ADD walls and sprites (no engine recompilation required to add walls, and NO SIZE LIMIT like in old DOS-tools for sprites) - Edit and ADD digitized sound without size limits (max. 64K per sound, but that's a limit of the wolf-engine) - Edit mapdata definition table while editing (all from within the editor, unimited projects supported) - Test your game while still editing it! - Print maps - Save maps as BMP-files - Import MAPEDIT *.FLR-files - Export as many levels as you like to a single *.LVL-file - Unlimited undo/redo for map editing - Cut&Paste - Multi-clipboard support: Copy as many object as you like to the clipboard and browse them visually! - Detailed help file explaining how to add the new objects to the engine - "Creating good maps" tutorial

Flo's Wolfnode page:  

Wolfnode - If the site is down, go here:

Mr. Lowes webpage

Wolf3D Map Editor

Wolf3D Map Editor screenshot

(Czech language)

Wolf3D Map Editor homepage:   ICanSoft

(Look under "Other Software")


DOS based editors:


Graphics Editor

Wolfedit screenshot

Wolfedit - by Bill Kirby

(A good paint program comes in handy too)

WOLFED21.ZIP (28k)

Map Editors (Edit floor layouts)

Mapedit screenshot

Mapedit - Original version by Bill Kirby

Mapedit Version 7 - Works with shareware & registered versions.


My own Floor & Object definition files for Mapedit Ver.7


Mapedit Version 7.2

Edit Spear of Destiny Demo floors


Mapedit Version 8.4(Works on the registered version only.)

MAPED84.ZIP (319k)

Sound Editors

Wlfaud - by Bill Neisius (shareware episode only)

Runs from the dos command prompt

WLFAUD11.ZIP (31k)

Wolfsnd (registered version only) by Doctor Data

WolfSnd screenshot



Wolf3D source code (563k)

Wolfenstein source code compiler:

Borland C++ v3.1

Try one of these links to get it:

Wolf3d Heaven And Hell

ftp link:   (18.9M)

ftp link:  (18.9M)

ftp link:  (17.2M)

VGA files (version needed for compiled exe to work properly): (165k)

Source Code compiling instructions:

*   Zip file also contains a DOS batch file to properly start the compiler in Windows (2k)

LZEXE v0.91 - MSDOS executable compression utility (for .EXE or .COM files).

This program was used by id to compress Wolf3d.exe: (37k)

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